Libertas Gardens offers complete Garden Consultations and Landscape Design Services.
With our Garden Consultation and Landscape Design Services, we cater for both private clients and community based or corporate projects.
Our garden designs feature:
  • Clever use of edible and ornamental plants;
  • Urban permaculture inspired zoning systems;
  • Energy and water saving techniques;
  • Reduced maintenance;
  • Renewable and ethically sourced materials; and
  • Construction techniques that minimise the embodied energy in the built landscape.


We offer a wide range of design techniques to match your needs and budget:
  • To scale 3D computer generated plans;
  • Hand drawn plans; and
  • Simple concept plans.
Building a great garden is a decision that will bring you years of enjoyment, it is a statement about your lifestyle and your values. A productive garden will remind you everyday of what is most valuable in life while bringing you the priceless enjoyment of fresh healthy food.
By implementing our designs, you will reduce your environmental footprint while creating productive, lush and attractive outdoor areas for your loved ones and yourself to enjoy.
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