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Is anyone else noticing a bit of an earwig plague at the moment in Melbourne? We see them everywhere. They are always quite prevalent in spring, but this seems out of the ordinary. A little trick if you choose to ”get rid of them” and don’t have chickens to turn them into eggs: A tiny bit of beer at the bottom of a bottle just does fine. Position the bottle for easy earwig access and they will fall in and won’t be able to leave again. We have a lot on at the moment so if you need a hand drinking the bottles, just let us know

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Focus on: Snails

This will be a topic of interest for most gardeners. For us in Melbourne, this is specially relevant to those gardening on the heavy clay soils such as the area around the creeks. Some gardens seem to be cursed with an unending population of gastropods (from ancient Greek, meaning literally stomach-foot). One such garden we