Green Landscaping

Green Landscaping means that Libertas Gardens does not only design ecologically sound gardens and outdoor environments, we also bring our values and our care for the earth to all our projects.


 In most cases the difference between using an ethically motivated company like ours and any other landscaping company is minimal. We tend to offer more options of techniques and materials, and we help our clients asses the environmental impact of their landscaping projects. We use Urban Permaculture to make sure our designs don’t only flow properly, but they will last for a very long time and be well thought and beautifully presented.

There are a few important points to consider when looking at green landscaping:

  • The design of the outdoor environment should require a minimal amount of energy to maintain.

  • The built landscape should be comprised of renewable, local and ethically sourced materials.

  • If the landscape design features elements that require the use of energy intensive, or non-renewable materials, these elements should last for a very long time. The energy invested in building should justify the investment, both financially and environmentally.

  • Recycled materials should be given priority. They not only obviate the need to produce new materials but also divert wastes from landfill, which are a huge source of water, soil and atmospheric pollution. Using reclaimed materials often means a slight premium in price, but a major increase in longevity and aesthetic qualities.

Recycled timber green landscaping melbourne libertas gardens

Recycled railway sleepers & Cypress macrocarpa

Libertas Gardens has established relationships with local growers, producers and suppliers which guarantees you top quality and fully traceable sources for most products we use.

Because Libertas Gardens takes care of the entire landscaping process, from the designing phase through to the building and ongoing maintenance, you can be assured your decision to go green with your own edible landscape and low maintenance garden, will bear fruit for years to come.

Get started with your own green landscape today!