Permaculture consultation

Urban Permaculture consultation

Urban Permaculture is the art of integrating different elements of your productive landscape in such a way that your overall benefits are maximised. It’s not about how many elements we bring into your landscape; it’s about how they interact.

During a consultation, we take time to walk around your garden with you and observe it from a designer’s perspective, from pattern to detail. We assess the current state of your garden, its strengths, particularities and possibilities and compare them with your own ideas and desires.

We then work with you towards a concept plan.

Plant selection, zoning, the flow of the space, selection of materials, integration of the elements of the landscape, companion planting ideas and a maintenance routine will be considered.

By the end of a consultation, your ideas and ours can be fused together into a mud map. If desired this mud map can be turned into a full garden and landscape design.

A consultation is also a chance to address any aspect of an existing garden and landscape. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask horticultural questions and get some tips to increase the productivity of your garden, improve your soil or get ideas to enhance your plant selection adapted to the micro-climates in your garden.

The average Permaculture consultation takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Contact Libertas Gardens and book a consultation to turn your property into a green oasis that will feed you and your family and look amazing for decades!