Vertical Gardens

Our Vertical Gardens are made right here in Melbourne, in collaboration with Hardwood Gardens. The range of living walls we offer, feature a variety of state of the art techniques, that deliver striking garden features.



Vertical gardens are also known as green walls or living walls, they can be fixed on almost any surface, or built as free standing features. Imagine, that old flaking brick wall turned into a myriad shades of green… that old rotting fence replaced by something that will not only last longer, but be a bold statement and endlessly pleasing attraction.


Vertical Gardens - Green Wall Melbourne

A constantly changing installation that can doubles as thermal insulation, space divider, carbon sink and so much more!

At Libertas Food Gardens we build our vertical gardens using over 95% recycled materials, that are made in Melbourne and sourced from trusted suppliers. This means greening up your walls is not only good for the earth, it is also good for your local community.

Our hydroponic vertical gardens are extremely versatile and the thinnest on the market. The waterproof membrane and growing substrate are less than 3cm thick. Once the system is built, the sky is the limit, and very large plants can be introduced!

Our soil based vertical gardens use food grade materials to hold the soil in place. Self irrigated

It speaks for itself!

or manually irrigated systems are available. In both cases, the gardens can be fully customised to fit your needs and space.

There is a lot of fuss about vertical gardens these days, and it is important to shop wisely before buying. Click here for a link to a short explanatory article on different systems used for vertical gardens.

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