The elegant union of ornamental and productive.

Harvest Festival – Urban Permaculture Workshop


As part of the Harvest Festival at CERES, Libertas Gardens will be delighted to offer a Urban Permaculture Design Workshop on the 31st of March.


Permaculture is not only about integrating productive elements to our living environment, it is all about integrating them in a synergistic way so that each element enhances the effect of as many other elements as possible.

Fruit trees, chickens, ponds, grey water systems, vegetable gardens, water tanks, pergolas, climbing plants, green walls, noise and wind management… none of them can be seen in isolation. Specially when working with tiny spaces.

We are aiming for a 100% hands-on workshop. Join us while we use recycled materials to build and design a miniature version of your existing (or dream) urban property.

This workshop is aimed at all of us owning or renting houses with a bit of front or backyard. Probably not that well suited for rural properties or ultra intensive set ups such as balcony or terraces, but still all are welcomed.


Please book in early, email us your name and a little bit about what you want to learn/do/achieve with the workshop:


The workshop is free (feel free to give a donation to CERES in return), bringing colour markers would be a plus.