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Did you know?

Not all persimmons are astringent. For people like me, too impatient to wait until fruits are fully ripe to start eating from a tree, there is an alternative! Non-astringent varieties (often called “fuyu”) are available, and often found in gardens around Melbourne.

How can you tell the difference???

Well, the non-astringent persimmons often have a flatter bottom, compared to the astringent which often have more of a heart shape.

Another good clue is the color, non-astringents are often a bit paler and they tend to have bird bites…

Finally, if still unsure, take a huge bite in one!!! If it feels crunchy like an apple, sweet like a rock melon and tastes like a mix of all the best flavors in the world… its probably a non-astringent persimmon!

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