A garden for the bees… and the humans!


After months of preparation, we finally had the pleasure to plant this front garden.

Garden for bees and humans melbourne rooftop honey small

Looking at it now, it is hard to believe that a year ago, this front garden was entirely covered with invasive runner grasses.

Using the well proven technique of sheet mulching, we have patiently suppressed the grasses, built up soil biology as well as increased the organic matter content of the soil.

Garden for bees and humans melbourne rooftop honey b small

The central circle will be used to grow annual veggies, and the garden space all around will be hosting a huge variety of perennial plants. These are grouped in guild according to the different micro climates that the built environment offers.

A few bee hives will be positioned against the wooden fence in the background. As such, the design was dictated by the desire to provide them with the best environment possible.

All the plants  included are either edible to humans, produce abundant nectar for the bees, or both.

The chickens living the backyard will be allowed to come and scratch at the front occasionally.

This front yard makeover was extremely cost effective, as we let nature do most of the work. Sheet mulching must be executed perfectly, but when it is, it is a powerful tool to remove undesired plants from small places without the use of chemicals… or much hard work.

A simple irrigation system will keep everyone alive during the warm summer months.



Come back to this space to see pictures of this garden as it grows and blossoms in the next few months!



*** A special thank you to Will from Hardwood Tree Services ( http://hardwoodcompletetreeservices.com.au/ ) for generously delivering the mulch for this garden! Hardwood Tree Services, the best arborist in Melbourne!