Our top quality chicken coops crafted on orders, made in Melbourne, can be delivered and tailored to your taste and needs.


Always made from 100% recycled or ethically sourced and harvested timber.


The A frame bunker and its fox proof enclosure in Northcote.

 Our brand new chicken yard design features practically indestructible materials, it is fully movable and 100% fox proof!


Perfect for the small back yards!

Designer Chicken house coop recycled timber melbourne

A feature next to a feature, in Hawthorn.

And the larger ones!

Chicken house coop recycled timber melbourne

Built to size, always unique, many styles available!

 We build yards for small of big flocks, heavy or light breeds.

Our signature chicken house, in Toorak.

Made in Melbourne by Melbournians, from recycled timber and long lasting materials.

Fully fox proofed


Send us an email or call for a free quote!

Our recycled timber chicken coops can be seen at the CERES Permaculture and Bushfood Nursery as well as at the Little Veggie Patch Co store.


Note that we also offer large scale chicken systems for schools, community gardens or other public environments.

Click here for an example of such project.


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