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Consultation and Design prices


Consultation package: $375

We meet you onsite for a 1hr meeting. Together we will work on a sketch of a design, analyse the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your garden and offer as much advice and ideas as can be fitted into 60 minutes. In addition to the 1 hr consult, we will also take about 30min for onsite observation and photography to be used in the consultation report.
A consultation report will be emailed to you, which will include: annotated pictures; mood boards; general planting suggestions; product recommendations, and a ballpark cost estimate of the materials and labour involved.

This package is perfect for those wishing to take their existing garden to the next level, do a bit of construction work themselves, or those who have an established garden that simply needs some renewal. The process will be made all the richer if you send a little brief in advance, outlining a quick history of your involvement with the garden, its history, your desires, and the amount of maintenance you realistically intend to dedicate to it, either by yourself or through a contractor.

Concept package: $990

The Concept package comes with all the services of the Consultation package, along with these added services: after receiving your consultation report, a second meeting (either by phone, Skype or in person) will be arranged. After fine-tuning the ideas and elements to be included, a concept plan will be produced.
This plan will feature all landscape elements in position, a suggested plant list for each area, technical aspects for the construction and a clear costing for the construction of the proposed garden.
The plan will be produced either by hand or software, depending on the site. It will be roughly to scale, but the site will not be surveyed. The final plan will be sent in PDF by email.

Perfect for those aiming to project manage the construction and landscaping work themselves, or cases where the design of the garden might need later amendments, for example, in the case of a renovation.

In depth Package: $1750

With the In-depth package, you will get all the services that come with the Concept package, with the following added services: after receiving the Concept plan, a third meeting will be organised (in person). Once the final changes are made, an in-depth plan will be created using computer assisted design. It will include detailed drawings done to scale, with full technical specifications, including all the elements of the landscape, paying special attention to drainage, irrigation and a precise planting schedule and maintenance regime. Some elements requiring a builder, such as extensions, decks and pergolas will be included, but for consideration only, we do not offer engineering services.
The final plan will be sent by email as a series of images from key perspectives, as well as in digital format, for use by architects, or on a computer screen or virtual reality headset for the technologically inclined. A large printed artwork of the garden will also be sent by mail or delivered in person.

This package is ideal for those with a blank slate or a garden needing a full makeover, who will hire a contractor to carry out the works. Plans will be detailed, with all elements pre-designed to avoid any surprises.

Further design work is billed at $90 per hour.
If a product is booked and more design work is desired after completion, this will be billed per hour.