Mini urban orchard – Glen Iris


Turning lawn to food

With plenty of room for the kids to play and friends to be entertained, this property will be one of the most productive urban mini orchards around.

From the strawberries at ground level up to the tip of the apricot tree, it will be a healthy garden of Eden, producing food all year round.



Job specs: 

Soft landscaping with diversion channels, mulch basins and drip irrigation.

Over 30 fruit trees and large shrubs planted on this property.

Deciduous mini orchard at the front (north facing), with huge walnuts on nature strip and rich understorey planting.

Row of dwarf citrus closer to the house.

An evergreen mini orchard on the south side of the property benefits from mitigated extremes in temperature, being located between a brick wall and a swimming pool.

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