A few raised garden beds – Heidelberg

Timber Garden Beds

This slightly overgrown backyard was given to us with the mission to help create a simple and easy to maintain garden area.

Keeping it cheap was the name of the game here, and the single elderly property owner needed minimal ongoing maintenance.

After removing most of the cracked concrete slab, a few simple raised garden beds were brought in.


Steel mesh fixed along the shed and along the back fence allows for extra vertical growing space. The existing passion fruit vine will grow over it and provide a delicious crop. It will also provide extra privacy.

A “choko” vine was just pointing its first leafs at the time and a generous crop of tomatoes and beans will be planted along the shed and receive a generous dose of sunlight.

Beautifying spaces, growing food and increasing quality of life doesn’t have to cost the earth. We are dedicated to offering our services to all that need it, and no matter the budget, we can always improve a space.