Guerrilla Gardening action Melbourne 04

Neighbourhood produce share and nature strip vegetable garden


The Nash St guerilla garden enters a new phase!


A new addition to this already fully reclaimed (  ) nature strip, a little shed was built to accommodate the local produce swap initiative.

Guerrilla Gardening action Melbourne 01

Using mostly reclaimed or salvaged materials (except for the screws…) this little structure will keep the produce out of the sun in summer and out of the rain in winter.

Guerrilla Gardening action Melbourne 03

A little troley/modified wheel barrow (yet to be built…) will be used to collect the fresh fruits and veggies around the area.Guerrilla Gardening action Melbourne 02

A neighbour donated an old hardwood fence, another one donated the tin used for the roof and yet another one offered some guttering to collect rain from the tin roof!Guerrilla Gardening action Melbourne 04

While we were working on it, someone wise said this:

“If the green revolution does happen, it will happen one city block at a time. It will happen with groups of residents organising themselves around food security, fresh and healthy produce.”

Well then, this is a step forward!


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Please do not hesitate for advices or help with your nature strip projects!