Sharing the goodness

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This East-Brunswick front garden is sharing its crop with the neighbourhood. Kids stop by after school and neighbours cue for a snack!


There for everyone's enjoyment

We planted this row of strawberries in winter 2011, in their first summer the plants have already given buckets of sweet sweet goodness. And it is only a beginning. The plants are now sending their runners far a wide and the wise gardener will be prompt to propagate them.

Spread! Spread! Spread!

Organically grown strawberries are a treat most would like to enjoy daily, and these lovely home-owner not only grow more then they can eat, they grow more then the neighbourhood can eat!

Strawberries, and berries in general are a brilliant first year crop. Less then a year after planting, one already harvests kilos of them!

Imagine a city where every house would share a crop with the street… Strawberries here, spinach there, plums here and green beans over there!

Look at the size of these beauties!