The elegant union of ornamental and productive.

Urban Permaculture workshop in collaboration with Laneway Learning


Once again Libertas Gardens will involved with a Urban Permaculture workshop!

This time within the framework set up by Laneway Learning. This fabulous Melbourne based initiative offers cheap, fun classes in anything and everything!


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The workshop:

What is it all about?

How can you cool your house, reduce food waste, and become more sustainable where you live? Permaculture! Green walls, veggie gardens, chickens, grey water systems.. these are all examples of what you can do to have a greener space and be more environmentally friendly – and all in your own backyard.

Urban permaculture is about integrating productive elements to our living environment. It is also about doing this in a synergistic way so that each element enhances the effect of as many other elements as possible.

What will we cover?

Fruit trees, chickens, ponds, grey water systems, vegetable gardens, worm farms, water tanks, pergolas, climbing plants, green walls, noise and wind management… We will show you what these elements are, how they can all work together to become one system, and how we can use this to our advantage – especially when working with small urban spaces.

We are aiming for a 90% hands-on workshop. After a bit of theory, we will be using recycled materials to build and design a miniature version of a standard urban property.

This workshop will be helpful to house owners as well as renters.

*Disclaimer: This is mostly applicable to those with backyards, though we won’t discriminate against people with balconies.