Winter… its time to prune


June is the time to prune most fruit trees. In Melbourne that is. Do not neglect this crucial part of fruit tree care! Some like the idea of letting trees grow un-pruned, and there is a lot to be said about it. If the tree is in a paddock and will be able to express itself to the fullest, it is, I believe, a worthy exercise. But if it is growing in the city, it will most likely need pruning.

Know that once you start pruning a fruit tree, there is no coming back! It will require regular pruning to maintain vigorous growth and high yields.

Pruning season is also the best time to tend to the urban mini orchard… cleaning fallen fruits (if they have not been eaten by your chickens!), mulching a bit (in addition to fallen leafs) and a good application of compost, worm castings or other organic soil conditioner/fertilizer.

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