Building a rainfed pond


Nothing beats cheap cheap child labour to get the job done!


With our two locally sourced assistants we started building a rain fed pond by digging a nice big hole.

After a bit of sweat and a few berries-and-green smoothies, the hole is dug.


The perspectives are deceiving, these two little workers dug a massive hole, close to 500mm deep by 1.5m in diameter.

The PVC pipe in the left hand bottom corner is where the pond will be filled from, straight from the overflow of a 3000L water tank!

A step too often forgotten...


The non toxic uv stabilised guaranteed 20yrs thick and indestructible rubber pond liner we will use, with all its amazing credentials is worth a fair bit of money. Too much to risk a sharp bit of stone, glass or steel puncturing it. A 2mm heavy duty geotextile is laid as a base under the pond liner. Most forget this step, often without consequences. But not always!

Better safe then sorry…

What a beauty!

The liner is laid. But the job is not done, the creases need to be tidied up… and the boulders positioned.

The helpers are tired, so is the pond man!

To be continued…

Click here to see the final product.