Destroy to rebuild – Garden design in Kew


This amazing urban block in Kew is well on its way to be fully transformed. We have been working with our very enthusiastic and determined clients to fine tune a great design for their newly bought property:



The design includes:

  • A huge productive garden at the front, surrounded by a mini food forest with a dozen fruit trees.
  • A large deciduous trees at the back to block that hot summer sun.
  • A few large natives on the west front, positioned to block the setting summer sun as it moves past the point where it sets at the equinox, while letting the sun in throughout the colder months.

This lot will also accommodate:

  • Chickens.
  • An aquaponics system.
  • A vertical garden.
  • A cubby/adventure area for the kids
  • A living & growing sculpture
  • And a generous patch of lawn.


That’s our shared vision. Its all on paper, ready to go.


Now the reality:

A very dense cluster of overgrown weeds.


Behold an amazing collection of woody weeds. From a large tree Privet, Ligustrum lucidum, (already cut down on this picture, used to stand on the right end side near the end of the deck), a horrible Pittosperum eugenoides ‘Variegatum’ (a broad leaf variegated version… sob! Technically a native though…) and a whole cluster of mirror bush Coprosma repens.


Luckily not everything in this backyard had to go, a Lemon tree emerged from the chaos, so did a beautiful Loquat tree, a Plum tree and a huge Walnut tree growing next door that will now have a chance to grow even more over the fence, and share its nutty goodness.


After a bit of carnage:

Now we can start the constructive work.


This whole operation was closely watched by a young audience, captivated by Will from Hardwood.


This Box Maple unfortunately had to go. Growing with a serious lean towards the house, the massive tree was looming dangerously over the living room.


A solid day of work, but what a satisfaction to see the land emerge from this cluster of undesired plants. Keep on visiting for more posts as we develop this garden and landscape during the next few months.


Special thanks to Will from Hardwood Complete Tree Services, arborist extraordinaire. Visit his web page at or call 0427 932 000 for a fully insured professional service.



A few links to learn more about the mentioned weeds: