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Free garden tours – Sustainable Living Festival


As part of the Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival, Libertas Gardens will be guiding a few tours of productive Permaculture style gardens in Brunswick and Eltham.

The focus will very much be on DIY features and techniques, because tiny changes on our houses and gardens can make a huge difference to our footprint on this earth.

We will learn about mini food forests, grey water systems, chicken friendly design, passive rain watering, rain fed ponds, raised garden beds, veggie production, homegrown mulch, nature strip planting, techniques to turn lawn into food and much much more.

A bit more about the workshops:

EVENT 1 & 2

Visit of two Permaculture gardens in East-Brunswick.

Friday 17th of February
Saturday the 25th of February.

From 12 noon to 2pm

These two gardens are built on standard urban blocks and yet feature highly productive spaces: irrigation from rainwater and grey water systems, chickens, bees, mini orchards, nature strip planting, native sections and rain fed ponds. Minimal embodied energy and urban Permaculture design blend-in to reduce the inhabitant’s environmental footprint and create a wholesome living area. A must for all urban dwellers!

A bit of transport (3 minutes by bike) will be needed in between the two, bring fast vehicle (bicycle or car).


Visit of a productive garden & food forest in Eltham.

This garden features a large food forest / mini-orchard area, a big lawn and cubby house area for the kids to play as well as simple yet effective raised garden beds. A highly productive space, feeding a family of four and all their relatives. A must for those interested in small scale food forests and natural gardening.

Just a few minutes by bike from Eltham station.

Saturday the 25th of February.
630 pm to 730pm.

The workshops will be held for free. Feel free to make your own donation to a charity of your choice in return!

Bring friends and good vibes.

Please confirm your presence by email as soon as possible.

We will confirm addresses by email right away.