Food Gardens

Food gardens are at the core of Libertas Food Gardens’ vision.

Many would have you think that the edible garden should only grow food in a corner of your property, out of sight. At Libertas Food Gardens we believe otherwise.

We see potential to grow your next meal everywhere we look, and we know how to make it happen.

Food gardens can come in many forms:

Kitchen garden, raised beds, wicking beds, permaculture gardens, food forest, small orchards, vertical gardens, edible wall gardens, pergolas, hedges, chicken yards

Where most see one function, we see many! Where one sees a hedge to create privacy, we see an opportunity to grow an edible hedging plant, to add  perfume and flowers or maybe even to recycle grey water!

Where one sees a north facing window, we see a beautiful pergola with a variety of edible grapes or kiwi fruits, producing a lush garden shade in summer, warmth in winter and a striking foliage in autumn.

Food gardens melbourne - Libertas Food Gardens - Persimmon

Libertas Food Gardens can help you with the design process as well as the construction of your edible garden. This means we can help you decide which areas of your property are best suited for food production and suggest the best techniques to get the results you want.

Book in a consultation and start growing your own healthy lifestyle please contact us using the form on the right of the screen or call 0414403280 during working hours.

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